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Dr. Michael's Mystical Wisdom-Your Soul's Purpose

Upcoming on Friday's podcast, the topic "Your Soul's Purpose", plus two affirmative prayer-treatments! Tune in at 12:30 p.m. PT/2:30 p.m. CT/3:30 p.m. ET here:

Mystical Wisdom


Potential Courses

Moving forward, I'd like to know what kind of workshops/courses you'd pay for if I offer them via Skype: (a) Self-Publishing and Distribution: Getting your Book Published and Out There! (I have more than 33 books on Amazon and Kindle) (b) Mystical Meditation (I've been teaching this and having circles for more than 10 years and have numerous books on the subject) (c) The Spiritual Laws of the Universe (I have an oracle deck and books I've written about the Spiritual Laws, along with the affirmative prayer-treatments that go with each Law) (d) Divination (A fun course that teaches you the basics of the original I Ching, pendulum work, divination with playing cards and my personal favorite, the Tarot, which I've been working with since 1990. Also divination and meditation) (e) Reiki (Must be done in person if possible. I've been a practicing Reiki Grand Master for more than a dozen years; I have a book and CD on Amazon, "Master Reiki") (f) Close-Up Magi…


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Season 5 of my live-streaming broadcast is here! Enjoy this week's topic, from my book of the same name, "In-Visioning/Imaging": You can download this week's show-notes here:


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Today's Podcast

Excited that Season 8 of my podcast "Dr. Michael's Mystical Wisdom" kicks off today, 12:30 p.m. PT/3:30 p.m. ET/2:30 p.m. CT with the topic "Your True Therapist". Starting next month we go live the last Friday of every month, so stay tuned! Listen here today (Friday) to the live broadcast at 12:30 PT/2:30 CT/3:30 ET:

True Self Worth

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Enjoy today's #affirmativeprayertreatment @drmichaellikey

Season 8 Kicks Off Friday!

Excited to announce that Season 8 of my podcast "Dr. Michael's Mystical Wisdom" kicks off this Friday, 12:30 p.m. PT/3:30 p.m. ET/2:30 p.m. CT with the topic "Your True Therapist". Starting next month we go live the last Friday of every month, so stay tuned!

Enjoy These Affirmative Prayer-Treatments

Enjoy these affirmative prayer-treatments from my YouTube channel:

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First Regular Close-Up Gig

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I AM Magic Mike Likey! The Collector's Edition

Dr. Michael Likey (Magic Mike Likey) recounts stories from when he was a television and media celebrity in Winnipeg, Canada in the 1980's and '90's. Filled with humorous anecdotes and tall tales of misadventure, this is not only an autobiographical account of Magic Mike Likey, but is also important for its historical significance, and also for Magic Mike's place in Winnipeg's so-called Golden Age of Television! If you want to recapture the magic that was (and still is) Winnipeg, this is for you! This collector's edition also contains more than 30 rare and collectible photographs!

Miracle Treat Day

Join us tomorrow! #portmoody #icecream #CMN @MagicMikeLikey the magician will be here at 6pm to entertain 

Thursday August 10th

Tomorrow (Thursday, August 10th) from 6-7 I'll be doing magic table-to-table at the Dairy Queen in Port Moody! Come join me for Miracle Treat Day and I'll see you soon!

Mystical and Psychic Information

THE GIFT: Official Music Video


Official Video

Enjoy the #officialmusicvideo for one of my songs, #LetYourselfGo with the #illustrations from my children's book #ShinerAndMoondogg You can buy the song from my official Bandcamp site: Purchase the children's book in paperback from Amazon:

Mysticism Vs. Psychism

Shiner & Moondogg Then and Now

My children's book (originally penned and illustrated in the '70's) has quite the back-story! Check out my "then and now"/side-by-side illustrations from the '70's, '80's, '90's and today! The black-and-white cartoon-strip appeared in English and French papers in Montreal in the '70's! You can buy the most up-to-date version of Shiner & Moondogg on Amazon:

Excerpt from Shiner & Moondogg

Shiner & Moondogg is not only a children’s book; it is much more than that as you will soon see. I first penned and illustrated the full-color mock-up (if you will) almost straight out of college: I finished Graphic Design/Commercial Art (Dawson College) in May of 1977, and then that summer I almost immediately created the first version of it. To be honest, my inspiration was the animated cartoon-series “The Jetsons” because I liked the look and feel of it, plus musician Cat Stevens’ animated film “Teaser and the Firecat”. In fact, I loved the full-color, almost psychedelic journey Teaser goes on in the film to retrieve his cat. I even named my main protagonist “Shiner”, because both “Teaser” and “Shiner” have an “er” at the end of their names, and because I felt Shiner should be like a shining star! Believe it or not, the green dog’s name came about because I had the television on, and at the time, a “Gidget” movie was playing; someone in the film called out a charact…