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The Fourfold Path to Enlightenment

My latest book will soon be available from Amazon Prime and Amazon Kindle; you’re going to LOVE it! Check out the Introduction from The Fourfold Path to Enlightenment.
In this, my forty-third publication, I will be discussing the Fourfold Path to Oneness and Enlightenment, necessary for discovering one's Soul Purpose.
The first (but not necessarily in any order) is releasing one's personal ego-will; secondly, eliminating karma; thirdly, identification with Source; and finally fourth, (and the most crucial) allowing thoughts, ideas, Inspiration, and Guidance to emanate forth, originating from one's Higher Mind; these are the four jumping-off points (or Fourfold Path) for beginning to achieve Oneness with one's Higher Self, and therefore enlightenment, or beginning to hear One’s Higher Voice, which will ultimately guide you to your Soul’s Purpose (usually there’s more than one, all depending on where you are spiritually/vibrationally/in Oneness with Source) and therefore true happiness. Techniques and technologies such as Mystical Meditation, Scientific-Prayer, and In-Visioning will be thoroughly discussed as the main means for following, activating, and allowing one down the Fourfold Path (just mentioned) towards self-actualization, and potential contentment with one's illusionary physical life, while being aware of one's Soul's Purpose.
There are many “side-effects” and benefits when beginning to achieve any level of Oneness with your True Self/Divinity; these “symptoms” will let you know that you’re beginning to “channel” God, if you will. One of them is that you’ll begin to notice that you’re more Intuitive, and you’ll therefore begin to “listen to your heart” more and more, to greater success. “Intuition”, for the purposes of this book, I define as “God-Guidance”, and quite frankly, if you manage to achieve even a modicum of success in this area through reading this book and understanding and practicing the exercises in this book, then it will be well worth it. Why? Because you’ll very naturally begin to become your own “Inner Therapist”, without anymore need or desire to consult an exterior “authority”: in fact, your Inner Guidance will be the only “Higher Authority” that you’ll ever need. You’ll be tempted to assist others with your newly-honed “gift”, but do try to resist this, because ultimately, you will not be helping them, but actually potentially create a co-dependence, or reliance upon yourself, rather than encourage the other person/persons to evolve and consult their own Higher Self. Encourage them towards Mystical Meditation, Scientific-Prayer, and In-Visioning, which you yourself have found to work for you. At the very least, lend them books about these subjects, and answer any questions they might have. There is a popular belief that one person’s “answer”/way isn’t necessarily for all persons, but in the case of these mystical/metaphysical tools and technologies, EVERYONE will benefit from them, and they ARE for everyone, that is as long as they are honored by giving them the time and ongoing practice that they deserve; then and only then, through self-discipline and “stick-to-it-ness” will these technologies yield results. 
You might begin to sense what kind of foods or vitamins to take; you might (while walking or driving) suddenly decide to take a short-cut, or even avoid a certain route; you might feel an affinity (while browsing through a bookstore or on the Internet) towards a particular book; do it! Go there! Buy it! Trust this “Inner Guidance” as something Higher which may benefit you in the long (or even short) term.
Another side-benefit of becoming more and more One with your Higher Self/Higher Intelligence, is that you’ll begin to notice more and more “coincidences”, that is to say, by following your Intuition/hunches, etc. you’ll start to find yourself at the right place at the right time, and you’ll “fit into” certain situations, jive with just the right person or persons that will eventually benefit you as well as them! Some call this “Synchronicity”. Whatever you choose to call it, it will happen more and more.
Creativity is another “symptom”. That is to say, if you’re already a creative person (and have shared your creative results with others as a professional or hobbyist in the past) you might be doing more and more creative endeavors, such as writing, drawing, painting, singing, playing instruments, and/or even dancing more: I believe that dancing is a form of creative expression, by-the-way. In any case, self-expression/creativity will more and more become a priority.
Closeness, and the need to be closer to nature will also potentially become another priority; you will crave more and more walking (or doing other sports/activities) outdoors. A walk through the forest; a swim in the lake/ocean; taking a breath and having your morning coffee on your balcony or patio, are all typical of a moving towards Oneness.
Contentment, contentment/satisfaction with your life (personal and otherwise), peacefulness, even joy and euphoria are typical “symptoms”. Enjoy them, allow them, (even if you’re not familiar with those feelings) and let them be: they are all expressions of your Higher Self/Higher Mind/ Higher Intelligence that you are part of and which is part of you!
You might have more “aha” moments of self-discovery, understanding your “human self” and why and how your human mind and body work and co-exist together; why you met a particular person who no longer is in your life; why you no longer have that certain job/career/interest, and/or why you’re beginning to be drawn more and more to completely different jobs/vocations/interests/lifestyles.
Healing, or feeling like you are “on the road to recovery”; you might begin to have chronic illnesses dissipate or even completely disappear; you might develop brand new ailments! This is symptomatic of the human, physical body readjusting to your newly-allowing “Higher Frequencies” or God’s Healing Light Frequencies to come forth through you. Remember years ago when it seemed like everyone and his dog was having knee or joint problems? Glucosamine chondroitin-use was all the rage, and now, where have all the aches and pains gone to? People with “flexibility issues” (both physical as well as emotional) seemed to have these joint and knee issues, at least according to the dozens of clients who came to me back then. I had to work through emotional issues pertaining to flexibility, (again on all levels) add glucosamine chondroitin to my diet, and increase my Tai Chi/Qi Gong/Shaolin Cardio-Kick-Boxing regiment, as well as give myself Reiki and Prana healing, and then, ‘lo and behold, after less than a year, these painful and potentially debilitating issues ceased! So did my clients’ aches and pains. As time went on, I began to experience, begin to understand, and study (clinically as well as through my various Ph.D. studies) the direct correlation between emotions, and our body: what conscious (as well as unconscious) issues need to be resolved/healed in order to live a healthy physical existence? Yes, the mind-body-spirit connection is definitely real. I refer to us as being “Psycho-Physical Units” (another term for the mind-body-spirit connection) and I’ve written at length about it within the pages of many of my books, including Spiritual Mind-Science. (ISBN: 1973780690) So general, physical, and emotional changes are typical of spiritual “bumping up”/cozying up to God. Just be patient, do your homework, and consult your “inner spiritual therapist” for practical routes to take; or consult with a trusted therapist of your choice for answers and guidance.
Manifesting. Yes, I said the “M” word, manifesting or materializing. This might happen along your journey towards spiritual closeness/Oneness with your Higher Self. This rarely is long-lasting (or beneficial long-term) unless you have manifested things though God’s Wisdom/Guidance, as what we think we want may be completely different (and usually is) from what our Higher Self/Higher Intelligence/God KNOWS we have need of, always before WE even know! This is why we must never tell the Universe/God what we want, but ALLOW God to guide us towards KNOWING what we want or have need of; this is only possible through ongoing and regular Mystical (or Contact) Meditation, Scientific-Prayer combined with In-Visioning. Yes, you heard me; those “Secret” techniques MIGHT allow you to raise your vibrations and frequencies to a point where they are so high, that you are actually allowing yourself (through intention) to have things materialize or manifest! This is because everything begins in our mind, and only begins to transform into physical reality by the route of our higher, or God-Mind. This is how CREATIVITY works: we see something in our mind’s eye, and God guides our senses (on all levels) to allow the image to take form through ourselves on a physical level; yes, we inadvertently make/manifest many things (positive and negative) as a result of our unconscious mind, and what is swimming about in it! This is why Scientific-Prayer (which combines Affirmative Positive Prayer-Treatments) to re-program our subconscious mind in a more positive way: another way is through positive suggestions under self-hypnosis, essentially re-programming ourselves to see our lives, ourselves in a more positive, and constructive manner. Therefore, any real or long-lasting results can only be achieved/manifested with God’s (Higher Mind’s) help, not through our personal, ego-will, or lower/lesser mind, which, unless re-programmed, is filled with traumas, low-self-esteem, and negative karma. The things you may have “accidentally” manifested are rarely long-lasting, therefore, although one might succeed in manifesting things such as love, relationship, job, material things during the process of spiritually/vibrationally “bumping up” working on Oneness/closeness to God, they may not be what God wants for you in this lifetime; remember, Soul’s Purpose is what God wants for you in this lifetime, and will naturally lead to peace, joy, fulfillment, and happiness, since it originated in the Mind of God/Higher Mind/Mind of the Universe.
Now you know why Mystical Meditation, Scientific-Prayer/Affirmative Mind-Treatments, combined with In-Visioning/Imaging are crucial for beginning to follow the Fourfold Path to Oneness, and therefore True fulfillment. Let’s go into depth, now, about these crucial spiritual technologies and tools. Later on we’ll go into depth about how to build from these technologies so that one may start to follow the Fourfold Path.
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