Break Out Now! Live Seminar in October

In this two-hour seminar, you'll learn how to GET UNSTUCK, BREAK THROUGH, and OUTGROW your negative emotional, financial, relationship, and prosperity hindrances using each of our methods! Featuring Dr. Michael Likey, Julie Turner, and Teri Holland, all experts in their field, you'll get tips and techniques that REALLY WORK! Learn how to free yourself and start living the life you were meant to: a healthy, happy, and prosperous one! The DREAM TEAM will show you how! With #DrMichaelLikey: #JulieTurner: and #TeriHolland: 
Oct. 19th 1-3 at The Oasis Wellness Centre, 1111 Austin Ave., Coquitlam. (upstairs of Reflections Books) 

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