Article: Change of Attitude or Change of Consciousness?

Within the last decade or so, pop culture has been inundated with those "Secret" books and DVD's, along with a resurgence of the power of positive thinking philosophies. Many believe that if they maintain a positive outlook or attitude, the world will be theirs! Love, wealth, and health are the claims of those promoting "Secret" techniques, positive-thinking philosophies, and the like. All you need to do is to follow this formula or that one, and bang, all will manifest for you in all areas of your life. All of these books and DVD's have their roots in New Thought/metaphysics, and to a degree, have been proven to have a modicum of success!

This is mainly because those who have actually manifested (or materialized or shown proof, as in The Science of Mind) something to any degree, have succeeded in shifting their attitude to something more positive and hopeful, temporarily raising their vibration to a degree that is similar to Universal Mind's, thus creating a temporary synthesis with Universal Mind and therefore limitless potential. As I've stated before, one doesn't tell God what to do, one does what God guides them to do!
Attitude is mostly determined by exterior influences and is therefore based in the personal ego-will. Universal Consciousness is developed and nurtured from within via Contact or Mystical Meditation and Scientific-Prayer. Acquisition of things such as a new car or dress, a new job or a lover, are exterior and temporary things which often determines happiness, therefore things originating in the personal ego-will are temporary, while gratitude and appreciation, peace, and humanitarian (or Universal) love originate in the Mind of God, or Universal Mind, which is permanent. Ideas and inspiration which come from the Mind of God are permanent as well. Intuition (or God-Guidance) will often lead someone to be at the right place at the right time to follow through with actions or to meet the right person(s) which will result in ultimate (and long-lasting) prosperity and abundance.
If one can practice Mystical Meditation and Scientific-Prayer ongoing and regularly, the eventual result will be a more sharply-honed Intuition, or God-Guidance, plus overall health mind, body, and soul. One will surely be guided to their soul's purpose, or God's Will for them in this lifetime, and therefore ultimate happiness, which again, is long-lasting.

What is therefore required is a change of consciousness (for longer-lasting results) vs. a change of attitude, which results in temporary things. Higher Consciousness Meditation (also known as Contact, or Mystical Meditation) is the main tool to get one there. The more one attunes and acclimates oneself to God Conscious Awareness (peace, love, joy, happiness, Higher Intelligence, Wisdom, creativity) the greater one's chances that they will be inspired and led to receive their true riches. Merely shifting one's attitude is not enough; sure, a positive attitude will attract more positivity into your life, as opposed to if you have a negative or cynical approach, it might even attract for you a new relationship, or a better job; but these things came about as a result of superficial, temporary, and personal ego-will, and therefore will not last. This is why most, if not all, of the things one manifests as a result of the "Secret" techniques or positive thinking do not last, if they come at all. Anything that you were led to through God-Guidance/Intuition will last. Another reason is that you prayed a prayer that God guided you to pray; naturally, if you pray for what God wants for you, it will most certainly come! This is accomplished through Scientific-Prayer/Prayer Treatments combined with Mystical Meditation, which will empower the prayer. Learn more about them through my books, Speaking Thoughts Into Existence (ISBN-10: 1517327148) and Scientific-Prayer (ISBN-10: 1512183717)

Over time, the more you meditate, the more God's Will for you will come up to the surface, conscious level of your mind, and you will not only know what to pray for, but what to do!

Shift your consciousness, and your true, positive attitude and life will follow.

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