The Recipe for Success

This book contains the recipe for commercial success within the Metaphysical and Alternative Wellness business. From how to put together weekend retreats, to starting your own podcast and webcast, to constructing your own online presence, to social media, networking, and much more! Learn how to put together a basic layout for posters, business-cards, and websites; should you lease a hall or lease office-space with extra rooms for seminars? Learn about the sold-called "freebies", extras, and giveaways that will bring you in (often) as much or more as your professional fees will. The difference between promotion VS. advertising!   Dr. Michael Likey has successfully and commercially been working in advertising, as well as the complimentary/alternative wellness field combined for more than thirty-five years, and no-one has more commercial experience than he.   Learn from an expert, and start making a living from your soul-based career today! COMING SOON #Amazon

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